Wednesday, August 30, 2006

George W. Bush AND God's Gift to the World

I have been considering authoring a post on the Imperial Presidency of George W. Bush for some time now. I will probably do so very soon. One of the themes in my post would have been Mr. Bush’s disregard for the Constitution and the laws that Congress pass and the President signs. However, I just can't hold it in....

The entire process of how a law is made seems simple enough for most folks to understand. Somebody gets an idea that we need to do XYZ to benefit our country. Any citizen may ask a member of the House of Representatives or a member of the Senate to consider making the concern about XYZ a law. If that member of Congress agrees, then the matter of XYZ is presented to Congress as the XYZ Bill. The XYZ Bill is debated, and a vote is taken. If both branches of Congress agree, the proposed law is presented to the President. If he or she signs the XYZ Bill, it becomes the “law of the land”. If the President disagrees with the XYZ Bill, he will use a VETO and the XYZ Bill does not become a law. However, Congress can disagree and pass the law, only, if they can get enough votes to “override” the President’s veto, even if the President disagrees.

Simply, eh?

At least that was what I was taught in elementary school, 9th Grade Civics, 12th Grade Problems in Democracy, and college Political Science 101. We are all supposed to obey the law. When the President signs the XYZ Bill it is a law that the President must, according to our Constitution, enforce.

But, wait!! What the hell? George W. Bush has signed hundreds of Bills into law and attached some beastly statements to the new “laws” telling us that when it is convenient or when he has some particular burr up his ass or when the moon is blue, the President does not have to OBEY the laws of our country – even after he signs his name to the holy parchment that becomes a recorded law.

I guess my public school and expensive private university education failed me? And, after all of the years I spent teaching in a public school – I indeed must have been misleading my kids about how our government is supposed to work?


What the hell is going on in Washington? The President does not have a line-item veto. The President does not have the authority to disregard the Constitution and the laws of the United States.

Oh, yeah – that’s right – 9/11 changed everything. We are at War.

More freaking bullfeathers!!

But, yeah, it’s all good. The Congress and the Supreme Court are supposed to be a President’s “checks and balance”. Right?

What? They have their heads where? The Republican Party controls what? How much corporate and special interest money do they get? Big oil? The banks and credit card companies? The pharmaceutical industry? When did they get to make the laws around here?

When is the next election? Let’s throw the bums out!!


We are supposed to have high moral standards in this nation. We obey the law. We are supposed to take care of the “least of these” among us. We defend our Nation.

We do not torture prisoners – not ever! We do not wage pre-emptive wars. We do not choose to go to war so we may impose our beliefs on other peoples. We do not go to war to enrich the treasury of those that build the machinery of war or rebuild the places we destroy. We do not become complicit in the deaths of over 40,000 civilians to spread freedom to another region of the world.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Please take a look and listen to what I found on Crooks and Liars today. A tip of the hat to Unclaimed Territory’s Glenn Greenwald. Glenn debates a lying Rovian political hack about King George’s disregard for the Constitution and the laws of our Republic.