Friday, September 15, 2006

Boldly Going

My foray into the world of blogs has been interesting and somewhat uneventful. As a student of history I have been fascinated by internet activism and the real-time chronicling of current events. Toss in opinions, historical references, passionate debate, comedy, and bullshit -- this new world disorder is akin to pioneering. Yes, I’ve come along a few years after this quadrant of the universe had been explored, terra-formed, and colonized. And, as a technology geek and early adopter, I am surprisingly blogospherically retarded. I am here, now, and ready to be aggravated, amazed, and amused.

This adventure has been uneventful. No one knows me. And, no one I know reads this blog. Oh, yes, I have had three emails from three of the authors of blogs that I read, but as for advice, acceptance, or assurance that my writing has some potential – I have yet to have anyone give me any feedback. The only folks that have complemented my real or imagined writing skills have been colleagues, family, and friends that took note of one or more of my Letters to the Editor published in our local newspaper.

I have written some damn good professional contract language that has assisted both my union and former employer to navigate through the realm of working conditions, wages, and benefits. The insertion of the word “equivalent” in a clause in the union’s contract successfully stymied the local Board of Education from eroding the teachers’ health benefits at a time when wages and benefits were being reduced. At the bargaining table, the opposing team thought they had a “win” and only realized that my team had a “gotcha” when they attempted to secure cheaper and less generous dental and vision insurance coverage. I once was successful at bargaining and writing contract language.

My teaching career and union hyperactivity was my entire universe until two automobile accidents disabled me. I will likely write about that detour at a later date. It is literally too painful to blog right now.

I am on the mend.

I want to continue to share my local and world views. I want to share the wit and wisdom that I discover in my daily reading. The Required Reading highlighted in the sidebar is not a joke. I faithfully read each blog each day. And whether or not I have any real or imagined audience to share with – I will continue this journey.

Right now it is time for some pain medication and sleep.

Have a good night.

No one who has not pioneered can understand the fascination and the terror of it. -- Laura Ingles Wilder