Wednesday, September 6, 2006

The Doomsday Clock

I am less worried about Lou Dobbs tonight. It seems that his 2 week vacation has lessened the likelihood of seeing his head explode on national television in the near future. Tonight he seemed well-rested and quite happy. Lou Dobbs looked as if he really enjoyed himself on tonight’s CNN broadcast. Lou is smiling and all is right with our world.

Well, not quite. President Bush has declared that we will no longer torture anyone imprisoned by our military. Our detainees held in secret European prisons by the CIA will continue to be subjected to whatever treatment is chosen to insure that the information required for the safety of the American public will continue. What a relief.

Of course, it’s all politics. All the time. GWB still has a so-called signing statement that allegedly releases him and his administration from the burden of enforcing the anti-torture law that Congress passed and he signed. What a country.

Our constitutional process in corrupted by a presidency that claimed it would be accountable to the people and bring back high moral values. GWB and his cronies in power are unchecked by a do-nothing Congress. If any court attempts to hold this president accountable for alleged violations of the Constitution and United States law, the judge is labeled a liberal activist. The so-called liberal MEDIA remains complicit in not reporting the truth about our government’s actions and inaction. What a world we live in…..

Illegal aliens continue to cross our borders and endanger the American way of life by siphoning off our jobs and generous social welfare and healthcare benefits. Drugs, criminals, and who-knows-what is flowing into our country through our porous borders and ports. We spend nearly a billion dollars a day in a war of choice in Iraq, yet only a few billion dollars could be used to pay for the inspection of every piece of cargo coming in through our ports and every piece of luggage being flown by our airlines. Tough on homeland security? What a laugh.

This President and the Democrats and Republicans in Congress are failing to keep us safe.

My head is about to explode.