Friday, September 22, 2006

Fledgling Blogs

Please let us welcome a new blog -- Their mission is one that is truly vital to the health of my neighbor and nation. Literally.

Welcome to the blogosphere. Many thanks to Zack at Pohlitics for the heads-up. This new blog does know how to embed a YouTube video. I soon will have the patience and a few neck-pain free hours to figure it out. So, for now, please follow the link.

I am also hoping that I can figure out a way to get noticed. Yes, I know that my blog is too unprofessional– too eclectic – too folksy – too bipolar depressing – too autobiographical – too unfocused. I don’t have enough Michigan content nor am I young and hip. I am just a discontent and grumpy retired teacher trying to fill a void in his life.

I remember the days when as a leader in the teachers’ union I felt the need to defend and support the classroom teachers’ aide and library aid union. The pompous asses in the school administration had once characterized this group as a “dime a dozen”. They were of the opinion that the paraprofessionals were just a bunch of desperately bored housewives.

The school administrators were so wrong and so out of touch with reality. Every parapro that I knew was a dedicated caring hard-working underpaid friend. No Kelly Girl could just walk off the street and do the job that they were asked to do every day. The motherly compassion of Mrs. Howard wasn’t something you should ever take for granted.

Margaret was one of my childhood neighborhood parents. What she brought to the classroom that I once subbed in and to the school where I eventually taught full-time could not be found in just anybody. Her wit, wisdom, and willingness to go the proverbial extra mile were inspiring. In fact, her parenting of her actual children and her adopted neighborhood kids was indirectly responsible for my having become a teacher. Her daughter, Maggie, was the wise older sister that talked to me about her dream of dedicating her life to teaching. She told me all about this thing called the Peace Corp and how she dreamt of becoming a volunteer. She wanted to make a difference in this world. She was willing to give of herself to her community, her nation, and to those struggling people in a far off distant land where they once welcomed the enthusiasm and dedication of young Americans.

I once thought of being a Peace Corp volunteer. My life took many turns and that dream faded away. My dedication to teaching never faltered.

Anyway, my writing will be folksy and autobiographical. I don’t seem to be able to make a point about some things without giving a real life illustration. It is my nature. I can’t help it – I am a teacher.

From a favorite mug (You wouldn’t believe the number of mugs that I have been gifted with over the years!) says, “Those who can, Teach. Those who can’t -- yeah, yeah – you know the rest…..

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Hey, Lee, I like your blog! Keep up the good work!