Wednesday, September 13, 2006

From the BBC

This morning the BBC is reporting that the United States has warned that Afghanistan is at risk of becoming a failed state unless NATO countries remain actively involved. Condi Rice was in Canada yesterday trying to convince our ally to commit more troops to fight in Afghanistan. NATO commanders have called for an additional 2,500 troops to join the American, Canadian, British, and Dutch forces in southern Afghanistan.

The BBC further reports that member countries are unwilling to support the war in Afghanistan. About half of the 20,000 troops are in the south where fighting has escalated in recent weeks. While another 14 flag draped coffins have arrived in Great Britain, European leaders remain concerned about the rising casualties. The BBC also pointed out that the German and French troops in the north have a less robust set of rules of engagement and have less fear of losses in the war.

In Iraq, in the last 24 hours, 60 bodies have been found in Baghdad. Most of the victims had been shot in the head and many of them appear to have been tortured.

32 Iraqis were killed in a bomb blast in Baghdad.

Meanwhile, a British defense firm, BAE Systems, has reported a 15% rise in half-year profits. US defense sales, namely a big order for fighting vehicles to be used in Iraq, and a Saudi contract for aircraft were credited for BAE’s first half financial performance.

King George has stated that we will remain in Iraq as long as he is the President. It seems he needs another two years to help his corporate friends bring in greater earnings.