Sunday, September 24, 2006

Joey Has the Flu

Every elementary school teacher can tell you great stories about the numerous excuses given for late, lost, and incomplete homework. When one of my kids tried to tell me that her baby brother spilled juice on her math assignment she had the wherewithal to bring in the evidence. No problem.

Absence and early dismissal notes can be quite humorous as well. The school office has always handled the tardy or sick calls from parents. My friends in the public school office should all write books. And, I say my friends because after 25 years of teaching in several different school buildings I can confidently advise every new teacher that there are only two people in an elementary school that you never ever piss off – the school secretary and the head custodian. Learn their names, always smile, always be polite, and always thank them for even the most mundane assistance. They should be the first folks you greet in the morning and the last folks you say good night to as you or they leave the building. Be a friend and your school life will be easier.

Here is a link to a Ned Lamont radio ad. Holy Joe Lieberman has missed a few important U.S. Senate votes and had to call in about his absences.

Give it a listen. Enjoy!

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