Thursday, September 7, 2006

Let Us Open Our Bibles

I saved this psalm from N. Hernandez's Letter to the Editor. It was published by the Times Herald on May 17th, 2004.

It was relevant then, and remains so today.

Republicans' 23 Psalm

Bush is my shepherd

I shall always want

He maketh me to lie on park benches

He leadeth me beside the still factories

He restoreth my doubts in the GOP

He guideth me to the path of unemployment

For the party's sake

Yea, as I walk through the streets of the ghetto,

I fear evil for Republican are against me

Thou annointest my income with taxes

My expenses runneth over

Surely benefits for the elderly shall cease

All the days of the Bush administration

And the old and the poor shall live in rented houses forever.