Saturday, September 23, 2006

My Letter to the Editor of the Port Huron Times Herald

Dear Times Herald Editor:

Torture is a cruel and inhumane act of aggressive immoral behavior. There never is nor will there ever be any excuse, emergency, or threat that would allow Christian people or others with high moral standards to stoop to this depraved and indifferent action. Anyone that approves of torturing and assaulting the human dignity of another man, women, or any “neighbor” whom God has set before us on the path that we walk, denies the goodness, mercifulness, and honorable call from God to be like His Son.

The lessons of love and forgiveness have been disregarded by any that claim that our great nation should allow our secret police or military to torture. Our freedom is not defended by sacrificing the soul of our great nation. I would rather die a martyr’s death than bring myself or allow others to torture in my name for my defense.

No religious activist that decries the immorality of gay marriage, abortion as birth control, or capital punishment should ever raise their voice again in descent or protest if they do not loudly and forcefully object to this evil that our President and the Congress are considering approving.

We do not torture. Not in my name. And, certainly not in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Is torture truly something that Jesus would do?

Respectfully yours,

J. Lee Harris

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