Thursday, September 7, 2006

An Open Letter to Michigan's Senator Stabenow and Senator Levin:

I have been waiting to hear from someone in the Democratic Senate Leadership to announce the name or names of the senator or senators who have been chosen to fill the vacancies in a few of the standing Senate Committees. I do not understand why the committee assignments once held by the former Democrat from Connecticut, Joe Lieberman, have not been filled with the next senior Democrat. Do you?

On the day following the Connecticut Democratic Primary Election, Joe Lieberman filed a petition to run for the United States Senate as a member of the Lieberman for Connecticut Party. Joe may state that he will continue to caucus with the Democrats in the Senate, but that does not change the fact that once he choose to oppose Ned Lamont, the officially nominated Democratic Party candidate, and he choose to run as a 3rd party candidate --- Lieberman created a vacancy in the Senate Democratic Leadership Conference.

Is my Party choosing to ignore the rules? What is going on?

If the Democratic Party is unwilling to follow the rules that they have adopted to govern this Party, then we are no better than the President who has chosen to set aside the Constitution and the FISA laws. Party rules must not be conveniently ignored because you may be Joe Lieberman’s friend and/or may be disappointed that the Democrats in Connecticut did not choose him as THEIR candidate.

If the Democratic Party chooses to ignore the fundamentals of democracy, then, I may not be able to support the Democratic Party any longer.