Thursday, September 28, 2006

We Don't Shoot Horses

Our high moral standards are reflected in the protection of horses by the recent Congressional legislation outlawing the killing of horses to provide horsemeat for human consumption. This European delicacy will no longer be exported from the United States. During a meat shortage in the 1970’s a few Americans tasted horse meat as an economical substitute for beef.

Horse meat was once sold in many major city butcher shops, including one in Detroit. My parents, sister, and I were invited for a Sunday meal at the home of my brother, Alan, and his wife. Following our roast beef dinner, Al got down on all fours and asked us to guess what we had just eaten for dinner. He didn’t wait for an answer. He simply started to whinny like a horse.

None of us freaked out. We were amused and not grossed out by the experience. I thought the meat seemed a bit dark red, but it tasted good. I look back fondly at the experience as just another testimony that, in the words of my mother, my family is a little flakey.

Today the moral standards of our great nation were further displayed by the cowardice of the United States Senate in its passage of legislation that will allow the President of the United States the right to interpret the meaning of torture. Our Congress has given in the Bully-in-Chief. Our Congress has sacrificed our nation’s reputation for being the most fair and decent democracy on this planet. The far right Christians may now celebrate the fact that we will degrade ourselves as we strip away the dignity of anyone we perceive to be an enemy. We will humiliate our brothers and our neighbors for the cause of peace, justice, and freedom.

The country of Good Samaritans will not just pass by the man in the road, we will be willing accomplices in his suffering.

We have confronted the specter of terror -- and the terrorists have won.

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