Sunday, September 3, 2006

Wrong for Michigan

I’m not sure who watches WDIV Television’s FlashPoint on Sunday mornings. The show airs just before NBC’s long-running and popular Meet the Press. I usually don’t. I did catch the last 30 minutes of today’s program. Mike Bouchard, the Republican candidate challenging Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow this November, was Devin Scillian’s guest. I am glad that I watched just enough of that interview to be introduced to Mr. Bouchard.

It was apparent that Mike Bouchard failed to read the memo telling Republican candidates to dump the Karl Rove plan that tells politicians how to win elections and enrich your supporters and friends. Mr. Bouchard’s political advisors and interview consultants forgot to tell him that the Rovian Stratagem no longer plays well in Middle America. The “smear and fear” and “when all else fails – blame Bill Clinton” tactics are no longer effective with intelligent, intellectually honest, and patriotic Michiganders.

Mike Bouchard awkwardly ducked Devin Scillian’s questions. At least twice, he resorted to telling the viewers that Senator Stabenow had not accomplished this or that (Hmm, in the Republican controlled Congress! Who’da’ thunk it?) He also added that her voting record had allegedly been rated poorly by some business or special interest group.

When discussing the failures in the Katrina clean-up and recovery efforts, Mr. Bouchard took a sharp turn far to the right of whacko and bigot. He claimed that our tax dollars and charitable contributions were wasted by people paying for “football tickets” and “sex change operations”.


I saw just enough to know that Mike Bouchard is wrong for Michigan.