Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I am not willing to cut the Bush Administration and our do-nothing Congress any slack over the issues of torture and convicting alleged terrorists using secret information that the defendant is not allowed to see or confront. Currently both issues are working their way through committees. It seems that compromises have been offered and proposed laws may soon find their way to both Houses of Congress. I urge Candice Miller (R-MI-10th), Senator Levin, and Senator Stabenow to do all that they can to kill these outrageous morally-corrupt proposals. The bills should never make their way out of committee.

Any proposal, which redefines and allows even a jot of torture that is debated and voted upon, will demonstrate to the world that we have abandoned our nation's high moral standards. We must not forsake our cherished fair trial principles. We must not be willing to compromise neither our freedom, our liberty, nor break the sacred promises we have made to one another and the world because we fear thugs and zealots.

The blood of patriots has been shed to preserve our republic and we must not give George W. Bush the tools to erode our democratic way of life. If we allow torture or conduct unfair tribunals -- the terrorist win.

Will we be courageous? Will we do what is right?

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