Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Cat Napping II

I wrote about my hypomania yesterday. It must be time to repeat myself – this sucks. Nodding off during my favorite TV shows isn’t so bad if I could only stay asleep. From 3PM to nearly 4 AM I may have slept 3 hours in small blocks of time.

Here I am cruising through some of the blogs on Bipolar Planet hoping to find a few that will interest me. I have lots of political newsie sites to read so I guess I want or need to explore the bipolar side of my being. I am not sure.

BTW – one great benefit of my spinal surgery, though it is early in my recovery, is that I can sit at the computer for long periods of time without too much pain. I know that I am “pushing it” and should back away from the Dell and let my neck heal. Being “driven” has its rewards, but being bipolar and driven is one more freaky part of the ride. Woo hoo.

I’ll sleep later. If I don’t – I guess I may have to call the doctor and get some help. Maybe.

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