Thursday, October 12, 2006

DeVos is a Dick

I must admit that I did not see nor do I plan to see any of the gubernatorial debates between Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm and the Amway Ambassador to China, Dick DeVos. I am not a masochist, nor can I afford to replace a television that I could potentially demolish as I watch the debates. The strain of watching a truthful sitting Governor debate a feckless pathological liar would raise my blood pressure too high or cause small objects to fly toward the television screen.

My greatest weakness as a teacher was my profound intolerance of lies and lying liars. Students that lied to me made my blood boil. Students that lied to their parents made me even more aggravated. And, I had no use for the occasional parent that defended or covered for the student that lied to everyone.

Please go to Voice of Mordor for a brief review of the Dick’s debate performance.

It is even difficult reading about these debates, let alone watching all of the DeVos lies in his political adverts.

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