Saturday, October 14, 2006

Dick DeVos Lies

Wait a minute, Folks. Didn't Dick tell us that Governor Granholm is a failure? Here are two editorials from the October 14th edition of the Times Herald.

Pelzer to Bring More Jobs to Our Community

Port Huron facility's expansion to create 34 new positions

HP Pelzer Automotive Systems Inc. is the latest employer to deliver good news. The company announced Thursday it will expand one of its Port Huron facilities by adding two new carpet-production lines.

That amounts to a $6.4 million investment. It also promises to create new jobs. The lines will be added to produce automotive trim and carpeting for Honda and Daimler Chrysler - and that will require 34 new jobs to meet the automakers' orders.

It's worth noting the take of Doug Alexander, executive director of the Economic Alliance of St. Clair County, on HP Pelzer. When HP Pelzer opened its second Port Huron facility, Alexander said company officials promised to invest between $2 million and $3 million in machinery and other assets and create 40 new jobs. Since then, Pelzer has invested $8 million and created 81 jobs.

Port Huron and St. Clair County are benefiting - and that's welcome economic news.
Earned Recognition

Marysville is the site of another economic success story - and Schefenacker Vision System USA Inc. is the reason.

The Michigan Municipal League honored Marysville for its efforts in persuading Schefenacker to build its paint plant in that city instead of Mexico or Tennessee. As a result, the $13 million, 65,000 square-foot facility opened at Busha Highway in January. In fact, the company has invested in a $1.1 million expansion that added 10 more jobs

All told, Schefenacker employs more than 800 people in Marysville. Without the efforts of the Economic Development Alliance of St. Clair County, which built the new paint shop it will eventually sell to the manufacturer, those jobs could have been lost.

The creative incentive package government and business leaders devised was remarkable. It's no wonder the Michigan Municipal League gave Marysville its due.

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