Monday, October 30, 2006

Why Buy the Cow?

I think that homophobia and/or anti-gay feelings are a choice. I do not believe that anyone inherits it. Science has yet to find, even in penguin or seagull studies, any natural occurrence in the animal world with those lifestyles. Don’t bother looking to the bonobo, they’ll tap anything.

I believe that parents go a long way in fostering those beliefs. However, at some time in the life of an adolescent or an adult, a conscious choice is made to be homophobic or have feelings of disgust with and about homosexuals. Most liberals and true conservatives believe that the choice is and will always be none of anyone’s business.

There may be many exceptions to the view that we must tolerate homophobes or anti-gay persons. I believe that if the actions of a homophobe or anti-gay individual interfere with my right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – they are simply wrong and should by law or even constitutional amendment be prohibited from bothering me. I believe that we must not condemn or judge what the homophobic or anti-gay folks do in the privacy of their own homes. A recent Supreme Court ruling struck down the law in Texas that allowed the authorities to bring criminal charges against homophobes and the anti-gay that chose to have sex in unconventional manners.

What disturbs me most today is the decision that was made in Minneapolis to accommodate the refusal of an anti-gay bus driver to drive a bus with so-called “objectionable” advertisements. The bus driver made a choice to object to an ad that the transit authorities chose to place on buses for economic support of the transit system. The bus driver is clearly interfering with the All-American, red-blooded, true-blue, democratic ideal of Capitalism. That must not stand.

What if someone chooses to believe that blood transfusions are wrong? Do we allow them to refuse to drive a bus with Red Cross Blood Drive ads? How about the non-drinkers refusing to drive buses with Johnny Walker ads? Do we allow women-haters to refuse to drive buses with feminine hygiene product ads? No!

Free-market capitalism is at risk if such anarchy is allowed. It is simply un-American.

Life is all about making choices. Even in the harshness of the Bush Economy, most folks have a good idea about what is expected when they take a job. Clerks clerk. Teachers teach. Farmers farm. A farmer has a choice of crops to plant and harvest (unless it is industrial hemp). And, every farmer knows that if you don’t want to manipulate large teats, why buy the cow?

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