Monday, October 30, 2006

Final Tammy Duckworth Advert

Got get'em Tammy.

Tammy Duckworth for Congress.


markg8 said...

I'm a volunteer with Duckworth. Let me tell you what she's up against. Roskam's fundy backers here in Franklin Graham, Wheaton College country think they're doing God's work trying to get him elected and there is nothing they won't stoop to, no lie they won't tell to do it.

On top of that the RNC and the NRCC are desperate to hang onto Henry Hyde's seat in a district that has never once elected a Dem in it's history. Most of the IL-06 is comprised of DuPage County which their local party likes to brag is the most Republican county in the country. They hold every single elective office here down to the smallest village council. But the district is changing our way and they know it. They figure if Roskam gets in they can hold the seat thru incumbency for years. We feel the same.

Roskam and the NRCC have been running millions of dollars of commercials all saying the same thing: Tammy wants to give social security and welfare to illegal immigrants and tax the heck out of the whole family except the dog to pay for it. They call it Ted Kennedy's bill when in fact it's John McCain's. Roskam supports Sensenbrenner's crazy, racist "we'll deport 'em all" bill. These commercials run dozens of times a day on the local evening newscasts and in primetime.

They've even gone as far as mailing 7"x3"x1" packages labelled "America's start up kit". Inside are just 3 pieces of slander against Duckworth. That's an awfully expensive way to fool people into looking at their junk.

Roskam also has a robocall operation where they call Dems and independents with recordings saying, "I have some important information for you about Tammy Duckworth". At first it sounds like a Duckworth call. Most people hate robocalls and hang up after hearing the intro. If they listen to the full msg they get an earful of Repub BS. If not then sometimes the machine immediately calls back, sometimes it happens over the course of the evening, but invariably the people who hang up are flooded with phone harrassment 3 or 4 times a night and they think it's coming from us. One guy said he had 14 of those messages in one day! This blocks our efforts at volunteer phonebanking where we have an advantage. I can't tell you how many times people have screamed "quit calling me!" at me, even our supporters.

We have effective commercials, one starring Obama and another on Iraq to counter theirs but need the money to run them much more than we have. Tammy got some money from a fundraiser in Chicago with Bill Clinton last Monday but it's not enough.

To combat those robocalls we need boots on the ground canvassing this last week, especially the last 4 days of the election. If you come to the western burbs of Chicago we will find you a place to stay. Preferably adults, vets are especially welcome, but any patriotic Americans who can help us get the truth out door to door. We have the ability to scale up the GOTV effort and have an advantage over them in numbers of volunteers but it needs to get bigger. Repubs flew 80 DC staffers into the district over the weekend to do doorhanging for him.

We also need cash and lots of it to run those commercials. But even if you can only give a couple of bucks it'll help. When all is said and done this may be the most expensive race in the country for both sides this cycle. Every dollar they spend here, every staffer they fly out sucks proportionally more out of other races around the nation. They're actually spending more on this than some Senate races.

The Repubs can count on their anti abortion, book banning, anti stem cell research fundies and gun nuts coming out to vote. They'll do anything to suppress the Dem and Independent votes Tammy needs to win. They're even whispering she "really" lost her legs in a motorcycle accident.

Folks, she gave her legs for this country when that insurgent rpg blew thru the window of the Blackhawk she was piloting and landed in her lap. She needs us to be her legs now. Please go to if you can do anything to help Tammy win this election.

Sorry for the giant post but thanks for reading.


Lee Harris said...

Thanks for the comment, Mark. We live on a modest pension, but I am proud to say that I gave to the Tammy Duckworth for Congress campaign. Every $10, $15, $20, $25, PLUS contributions from the grassroots/netroots in the blogoshere helps.