Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I Was Almost Amway'd

Sometime after the beginning of my second year of teaching I received an invitation to join a fellow teacher and a few other “friends” for a light dinner and a presentation about how I could make some extra money in my spare time. “Spare” time was something of a joke for a new teacher because, regardless of what you hear or think you know, many of my off-duty hours were spent preparing materials for school, lesson planning, grading papers, and taking the post-graduate courses required to maintain a teaching license. Nevertheless, I was curious about the invitation and called the host to inquire about the presentation that was planned.

The conversation went nowhere. My prospective host declined to tell me exactly what is was that they were going to sell to me and an intimate group of friends. That level of cagey refusal to level with me sent off very loud alarm bells in my head. My suspicions were later confirmed, they were out to “Amway” me.

I declined the invitation. My mother warned me about people like these. The Amway pyramid scheme was already known and I didn’t allow myself to get sucked in by some get rich scheme – even though I was struggling to live independently and pay-off my Michigan Guaranteed Student Loans and the other federally backed loans.

Unfortunately, too many people have been Amway’d. Presently, Amway is running self-promotional adverts on television to help dumb Dick DeVos run from Amway’s negative reputation. Even as Amway is being investigated for its continued use of the pyramid scheme by authorities in India – the company keeps expanding overseas and the jobs lost in Michigan will never return.

Have a chuckle (H/T to The Disembodied Head of Dick DeVos).


BZP said...

I really like the new layout, Lee. Keep up the great work, and stay the hell away from scary Amway people.

Dobro said...

Amway is bad, M'kay?
That was supposed to be my imitation of the guidance counselor on South Park