Monday, October 9, 2006

The Jerk

I had a great time watching to Imus in the Morning today. He and his guest seem to have the North Korean Nuke Crisis well understood. Imus believes the bomb test was a childish tantrum and agrees that the North Koreans just want more FUEL, FOOD, and RESPECT.

It seems that the Chinese are embarrassed – READ pissed. Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan may soon be clamoring to join the Nuclear Club. And, of course, Iran is seems anxious to dominate the Middle East by forcing their way into our elite fraternity.

Imus has a pet project that I whole heartedly support. Imus is intent on bad-mouthing and embarrassing a certain Republican congressman (go figure – they are all about taking care of children) for his boneheaded and beastly grip on the Combating Autism Act. It cleared the U.S. Senate easily on August 4th of this year. Representative Joe Barton (R-Texas) refuses to allow the Bill to leave HIS committee.

Republican Rep. Joe Barton is a JERK.

Imus wondered aloud about who is paying this creep. He is supposed to be in our employ. Is he waiting for or receiving some corporate payola? What’s up?

I have a few other observations about today's show. More later.

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