Thursday, October 19, 2006

Live Fire Exercises III

One of the public hearing concerning the Coast Guard’s live fire exercises at 34 sites throughout the Great Lakes is today in a city just south of Port Huron. The actual hearing begins at 5:30 PM and finishes at 8 PM. They will have some sort of reception/open house at 4:30 PM.

Location: The Crystal Gardens, 1200 Gratiot Blvd., Marysville, Michigan

Obviously, I won’t be able attend to voice my concerns about the use of our lakes for target practice. I suspect that everyone’s protests and expressions of concern are useless. In our Terror-Driven age our government justifies every act, every step, as necessary because of 9/11.

A report in the Grand Rapids Press via says of the Coast Guard presentation and public reaction:

“Coast Guard officials claim a terrorist attack in the Great Lakes basin is a distinct possibility. That is how the agency has justified conducting 24 live fire weapons training exercises on the lakes this year and a plan to create 34 permanent firing ranges on the lakes.

Critics argued at a meeting Wednesday in Spring Lake that the Great Lakes firing range plan is the latest example of terrorism fears run amok.

"There is no threat of terrorism on Lake Michigan. We don't even have bootleggers," said Arnie Kelm, of Norton Shores. "This a is a despicable use (of the lakes) by an arrogant military agency."

Kelm was among about 100 people who attended Wednesday's meeting on the proposed firing ranges, 14 of which would be on Lake Michigan. About 35 people spoke, most opposing weapons training on the lakes.

A few residents said they supported the plan.

"Get with it, people, we're at war and we need to be prepared," Grand Haven resident Jim Searer said.”

As I have said before – the terrorists have won. Our government has beaten the drum of war and fear so much so that the American way of life, the American compass, the American character has changed.

What sad and shameful times….

"But when a Man’s Fancy gets astride on his Reason, when Imagination is at Cuffs with the Senses, and common Understanding, as well as common Sense, is Kickt out of Doors; the first Proselyte he makes, is Himself, and when that is once compass’d, the Difficulty is not so great in bringing over others; a strong Delusion always operating from without, as vigorously as from within." --- Jonathan Swift

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