Saturday, October 14, 2006

Medical Research

I am bipolar. I have high blood pressure. I recently had spinal surgery. I have a thyroid gland that doesn’t work properly and occasionally acts up and causes me to have a rapid heartbeat that can incapacitate me.

I have an agonizing fear of Type II Diabetes and Cancer.

Cancer killed my oldest brother; my mother; my mother’s brother, sister, and mother; and scarred my mother’s youngest sister. Diabetes contributed to my father’s death, the deaths of his parents, and the deaths of nearly every one of his 11 brothers and sisters.

I heard a not so funny joke one time about the use of animals in medical research. The punch line was that if animal research could save but one person from dying from a dread disease – well, red is for positive and black is for negative…..

I hate the thought of animal research and the mental pictures that the thought evokes. And, I know that stem cell research is controversial. I support stem cell research.

If only one life is saved……..

Hat tip to Huffington Post.

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