Wednesday, October 18, 2006

"Pink" Purge

I’ve never understood Log Cabin Republicans. I am beginning to appreciate one of the few “South Park” Republicans as I continue to read his blog and soon hope to buy his latest book. The Log Cabin Republicans remain somewhat of an enigma.

Until now, I speculated that they were repressed gays that yearned for money and power. They seemed to be willing to give up the realization of true dignity and full freedom for some hybrid of being gay and self-professed members of the former “Big-Tent” GOP. I realized that I could not remain in the Republican Party years ago because of my views on social justice and my own Christianity. I could not be in a party that rejected Goldwater Conservatism and anyone that did not agree with their sharp turn toward the Religious Right.

Now, the Party of Lincoln may be on the verge of a Stalin-like purge of the many open and closeted GAY “behind-the-scenes” political operatives. In a post on the TMP Muckraker, Jeff Hughes writes:

"Some Christians, who are pivotal to the GOP's get-out-the-vote effort, are charging that gay Republican staffers in Congress may have thwarted their legislative agenda. There even are calls for what some have dubbed a "pink purge" of high-ranking gay Republicans on Capitol Hill and in the administration....”

I believe one of the operative words above is “some”. Yes, “some” Christians have been lured away from following Jesus Christ and now follow the shrill few that spout hatred of homosexuals, the ACLU, flag burners, Pro-Choice supporters, and anyone else on their list of heathens and reprobates.

I was taught that we are to INVITE others to follow Jesus. I was taught that anything that did not call the world to Christ was not of God. The Republican Religious Right has forgotten their calls to minister to “the least of these” and prefer to condemn and punish anyone that doesn’t believe in and follow their twisted un-Godly religious practices.

The Republican Party needs to repent and purge themselves of those hypocrites that reject the call of God to love and serve our brothers and sisters. The big-tent needs to be re-opened and the GOP needs to remember that it is their duty to preserve, protect, and defend our nation. The Religious Rights’ actions continue to divide and destroy this nation from within.

That is simply unacceptable.

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