Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Predators Part 2

There have been some really disgusting statements made by so-called upright and moral conservative Republicans about the Mark Foley “catastrophuck” (coined by the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart). Some of the conservative Republicans “get it” while far too many want to remain in some freaky state of denial and blame everyone but the miscreant and those that either knowingly covered-up the alleged evil deeds or had their heads so far up their asses that they did not recognize the extent and magnitude of Foley’s corrupt and perverted actions. If what Mr. Foley has done is not an actual crime, then the Do-Nothing Congress has once again shown the depths of their dishonesty and ignorance when they passed the Adam Walsh Child Protection Act of 2006.

Yes, I said crime.

First, I want to address the other issues involved in this ongoing drama before I describe what I believe to be the crime that was committed – given what we know so far. The issue of Mark Foley’s sexual orientation is completely and utterly irrelevant. Intellectually honest and informed people know the truths about sexual orientation, pedophilia and the phenomena of sexual attraction. It is a shame that the so-called Christian conservatives often reject the truths of science and may not understand these concepts.

Behavioral scientists know that the vast majority of pedophiles identify themselves as being heterosexuals. Let’s say the number is 95% (it is much greater). So, the majority of crimes committed by child molesters have been perpetrated by the man or woman down the street that has a spouse and kids. Heck, some of them have grandkids. Now, if you believe the Kinsey research, the general population is about 10% homosexual. If, as the right-wing values voters believe, the number of gays is closer to 3%, then the percentage of child molestation by homosexuals is extremely small. My math is fuzzy and I think we have to do some extra division, but let me generalize. Since the number of children per thousand or per hundred thousand molested is small– gay folks commit an even smaller number of those horrible crimes. In other word, if 30 out of 1000 men are gay, a teeny tiny fraction of those 30 gay men are pedophiles. Can we agree that Math isn’t subject to some intelligent design? Do the math.

How can anyone use sweeping generalities to condemn all homosexuals in this world for the evil committed primarily by twisted straight people and a very very small number of homosexuals?

The crimes of the straight perpetrators are not sensationalized in the media as much as the criminal acts committed by the gay teacher, coach, minister, priest, or politician. Heterosexual sex crimes just don’t sell papers or get the television ratings that those lowly gays provide. The media has its yearly stories about the gay teacher caught with his pants down and they literally ignore the crimes of straight uncles, insurance salesmen, drugged up jerks, and other evildoers. The news cycles of the sensationalized crimes are on the whole longer than the seemingly ordinary molestations by step-dads, Mormon prophets, and anonymous freaks.

As for sexual attraction, do all straight men salivate over the under-developed breast of a pre-teen? Do most straight men get wood thinking about awkward pimply metal mouth teen girls? Be honest. Are you a leg man? You do know what some men say about big breasts? Do ya like big butts?

Gay men are no different. Yes, there are chicken-hawks, but there are also wrinkle queens. There are 20 year old boys looking for 40 year old daddies and vice versa. There are some men that only like men with facial hair. Some gays are chubby-chasers and some guys are Kodak queens. Some men are attracted to bears (Relax, Colbert and, NO, Rick “Man on Dog” Santorum – not that kind of bear). And, men that shave it all are top choice for some appetites. TMI, eh?

The variety of likes and dislikes in the gay world are just as varied as the sexual attractions in the world of Gingrich, Robertson, Dobson, and Clinton.

Next, probably the most disturbing crap being served up by political hacks, commentators, and whatever the hell we classify Rush as being – blame the victim. How horrifying! I thought the days of blaming women for their rapes were long gone. Yes, some Muslims stone the victims of rape and incest – but what-ya-gonna-do? They also cut off the hands of thieves and the heads of homosexuals. The law and order Christian-wrong does not generally protest the religious and cultural practices of our friends in Saudi Arabia, but it isn’t their wives, sons, or daughters being twice victimized. Our enlightened society and legal system protects the victims of violence (rape is not a sexual crime) and places the blame squarely where it belongs – on the offenders.

Mark Foley’s email and instant message buddies may all have reached the age of consent, but the age of the boys does not diminish the fact that they were victims of an online predator. It matters not that Foley used the Internet, the telephone, or the front seat of his BMW convertible on a dark isolated Virginia road – the boys were the pawns in his perverted sexual fantasies and actions. Let us not lose sight of the fact that these boys were victimized by a powerful 53 year old authority figure. The public routinely crucifies the teachers, principals, and priests that violate the public trust and the fragile innocence of children. This perverted politician should not be treated any differently.

In the next few days legal authorities will tell us which local, state, and/or federal laws were broken, if any. Some folks in the media have stated that the Adam Walsh Child Protection Act of 2006, co-sponsored by the former Congressman Mark Foley, has a provision for the punishment of online predators victimizing children 18 years old and younger. We will soon see if that law may apply.

Foley’s crime? Surely, he is guilty of the sexual abuse of minors and soliciting inappropriate sexual information and activities using the Internet. His sexualized emails and chats were the predatory acts of a sexual deviant. Mark Foley may not be a pedophile, based on the age of the victims, but his actions are nonetheless reprehensible.

Finally, it does matters about who knew what and when. If for political expediency the predatory actions of Mark Foley were brushed under the rug, then I believe that the politicians and staffers that knew anything are complicit in any crimes that followed their having been informed. I personally believe that we should not stop at just the loss of leadership positions in Congress; the House of Representative’s should consider expelling the politicians and firing the staffers.

In Michigan, public school employees that know anything about the abuse or neglect of children are required by law to inform the child welfare and protective services of the state. Those folks that do not report crimes against children are subject to civil and criminal action. Jobs can be lost. Can we hold those in positions of power in our government any less responsible for their actions or inaction?

If those politicians and government employees simply dismissed Mr. Foley’s actions as being just a “gay thing” or just some naughty emails and IM’s – those folks need to have a “meet with Jesus” session with child psychologists, law enforcement officials, and victims of child predators. Those House leaders should be held accountable. Ignorance of the law is never an accepted excuse.

The media is accusing Speaker Hastert of poor management. Some media types are claiming this all is some Democratic plot to win the mid-term elections. Foley’s attorney is trumpeting the “facts” that Mark is an alcoholic and a victim of child molestation. Well, buck-up ya’all! Hastert had time to do what was right. Fox News and other right-wing media had time to look into the allegations, but didn’t. Freaky Foley had 53 years to come to terms with his childhood trauma and get help, time to learn all about predators as he worked on that House committee, and far too much time using his high public position to touch the lives of young people and steal the innocence of their youth.

Sick Sick Sick Sick Sick!

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