Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Profiting From War

Ever since it was revealed that the Coalition Authority, under Ambassador J. Paul Bremmer, was using a private security force for his protection I have understood that the Iraq War was going to be one more way to line the pockets of private corporations. It is now crystal clear that our military is supported by high paid mercenaries and high paid private contract services.

Bush is privatizing the war. Our treasury is being used to pay the friends and family of the Bush Administration to do the jobs that our military, State Department, and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) should be doing. These are not jobs that Americans will not do – our troops train their private contractor replacements and are sent to do other jobs that they have not come to Iraq to do. Civilians go to Iraq to make enormous amounts of money. Our tax dollars are being spent – for what?

Our troops are poorly paid while the private contractors receive enormous salaries. This is a for profit war. Our military and government are non-profit entities.

Money. Power. Greed.

If we do not have enough troops to do the job, than we should increase the size of the military. We should consider a draft. Draft the rich and poor alike to perform public service or military service.

Watch this from the new documentary – Iraq for Sale.

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