Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Reality Check: Month II

It is time to ask myself if I have been faithful to my “With Malice Toward None” claim. It may seem trite, but from time to time a bit of self-examination may be a good thing. Lord knows, too many politicians are clearly living in some kind of bubble and have lost track of the plight of the poor and middle class. Some think that because the stock market is booming that the economy is cruising along benefiting everyone. Knock, Knock, Hellllloooooooo? Where are the real jobs? Why all the cuts to veteran benefits, student loans, and social programs?

Anyway, I believe that I do not have any malice toward the unenlightened, uncaring, unapproachable, and unbelievable politicians. I don’t want any of those intellectually dishonest, K Street prostitutes to come to harm – I want them out of the state legislatures, governorships, and Congress. Go home. Just leave.

And, take your wedge issues, paltry promises, and dank dirty tricks with you. There are plenty of honest men and women waiting to SERVE the people. We’ll be sure to kick any of them out should they be seduced my money and power.

Yes, it is time for a reality check and I am feeling rather good. Guardedly – my mood may cycle … fear may set in (are we really going to win?)… and, I may even feel some buyers’ remorse when some of our folks get re-elected and elected. But, right now all is good with my world – I get to vote by absentee ballot – because I’m going to Mexico to visit by brother on the day before the Great Election…… Lucky me!!!


Dobro said...

I haven't picked up any malice from your blog. In politics, people are going to get praised,criticized,ridiculed and idealized.So, your'e just responding with an intelligent and educated voice (no, I can't hear you literally, just figuratively).

Anonymous said...

Well maybe when you visit Mexico, you can Leave your Liberal Democrate ways here, and open your mind towards the Real meaning of Malice towards none....... Life is to short to worry about Politics, something that you can't change and have to live with. It Is what it is....

Lee Harris said...

Dear Anonymous,

You're gonna have to read another post to get my reaction to your comment.

Thank you for your remarks. They were thought provoking and I am encouraged by those thoughts.

Lee Harris said...

Oops! Let's try again....


Anonymous said...

Well I'm not to sure if you wanted me to read more of your Blog or something...but let me tell you, I think you are a very intelligent writer. But I don't agree with your one sided way of thinking, maybe if you took your head out of the Democratic Donkeys Ass...and be Fair and Balanced ( your favorite tv program ) Just have a open mind not a closed one