Thursday, October 12, 2006

Running Away From the Republican Party

I missed the knock on the door two days ago. I was finally coming down from a several week bout of hypomania. I have now had 3 days of quite lengthy sessions of sleep. I am a little depressed – but that is the bipolar coaster ride – and, at least I am functioning. I am still reading and enjoying adding bits and pieces to this blog.

The knock on the door was by either Jud Gilbert himself or one of his campaign supporters. I must admit that I believe that I could have overcome my agoraphobia enough to open the door and ask some questions of this Republican Michigan Senate District 25 incumbent. Senator Gilbert, if you are re-elected:

  1. What the hell do you propose to do about the loss of tax revenue caused by you and your boneheaded Republican controlled legislature colleagues when you all decided to eliminate the Single Business Tax?
  2. When is the Senate going to pass the Insurance Parity bill?
  3. Will I ever get to stop worrying about my State of Michigan pension benefits being eroded by rising insurance costs and the downturn in the Michigan economy?
  4. Are my pension benefits safe? Will you fully fund our insurance benefits?
  5. Will you consider adopting your own legislature time on task rules requiring you folks to sit in sessions and actually debate bills and do the work of the people in the light of day? If it is good enough to impose on public school students and teachers – shouldn’t you all be required to actually work an equivalent number of hours?
  6. Will you consider adopting campaign finance reform that requires candidates to only accept limited money from actual constituents living within your district? Lobbyist gifts, corporate donations, PAC donations, political party donations, and any other money coming from outside the legislative district would be prohibited.
  7. Will you pledge to be responsible to the people? Article II, Section I. of the Michigan Constitutions states that

All political power is inherent in the people. Government is instituted for their equal benefit, security and protection.”

  1. Will you stop walking lockstep with the rest of the Republican Party and do what is right for your constituents and the citizens of Michigan?

Anyway, I do wish that I had heard that knock on the door. Regardless, my questions are posted here and will be emailed to Senator Gilbert. Will he respond honestly to the rants and ravings of a bipolar retired public school teacher?

Least I forget, Senator Gilbert’s campaign literature, left wedged between the front door knob and door frame, failed to identify the senator’s political party. It is a slick colorful brochure that announces the truly lean accomplishments of this particular legislator and Michigan’s own Do-Nothing House and Senate. He has very little to show for his 1st term in Michigan’s Senate. So little, in fact, that he must be embarrassed to admit that he is a REPUBLICAN.

Senator Jud Gilbert claims that he is “working hard” for me. That is simply BULLSHIT.

My support and my vote are going to the Democratic challenger, Gary Orr. I trust that Gary Orr will be going to Lansing to change the legislature and make it more responsive to the needs of the people of Michigan and not big business, the insurance companies, and Amway.

We need to take Michigan in a new direction.

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