Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sleep Deprived

I didn’t sleep last night. I tried. As usual my mind wouldn’t shut off and when my body began to twitch with muscle spasms I got up.

Imus in the Morning was fun. He said that somebody ought to kick Rush Limbaugh’s ass. [H/T to Zack at Pohlitics for the cartoon.] Imus had quite a barrage of insults for the guy. Later in the show, Imus and his wife had a few comments about the Texas congressman that is sitting on the Combating Autism Act and not allowing the House of Representatives to vote on the measure. I have already written about Representative Joe Barton (R-TX) being a jerk.

When regular MSNBC programming began at 9:00 AM, I laid down for five hours. Only 5 restless hours – and, I can’t begin to count the number of times I woke up. With several calls of nature, a cat walking on my head, and waking up to find that “night sweats” had occurred at least three times I had very little sleep.

When I got up in the afternoon, I retrieved the mail. My absentee ballot for the November 7th Election arrived, so I voted. It was easy. Straight ticket, pick two judges, ignore the races with only one candidate, pick the next judge, ignore the next one candidate race, then Yes, No, Yes, Yes, and Yes. I’ll mail it out tomorrow.

I eventually got around to reading my Michigan blogs and the online edition of the local paper. I started an article about the idiotic answers that the local Republicans gave a reporter when asked about border security. Yes, it is an issue here in Michigan. And, correct that – answer – in the singular. All 4 state legislature candidates gave the same lame ass answer. It was like the reporter had asked them what they wanted for dessert and they all answered, “Blue”.

They had the same taking point and what they said was so alien and so very dumb. I began to write about it. I took a break for two TV shows and dinner and now as I come back to the article – I’m stuck. I know what I want to say but, I just don’t give a shit. I can’t find the motivation to blast these wankers.

I’m typing this, wanting to sleep, waiting for the midnight re-run of Olbermann, and just realized I forgot breakfast and lunch. My pulse is quickening and I fear another episode of arrhythmia.

Did I mention that I am bipolar? Yeah, that’s right….. I have figured out that I must have the 2.0 version of the dis-ease and will confirm it when I see the doctor next week. I guess that since I have never had a radical manic episode resulting in delusions or psychosis – I seem to fit the bipolar II stuff I have read.

Never mind all that – I’m just aggravated, agitated, and …….

Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrgghhh. Stupid bipolar coaster ride.


Bleeding Heart said...

I know those awake nights all too well. With Fibromyalgia, RLS, and Bipolar II disorder I am fighting a war within my own body and mind.

What has worked for me believe it or not is relaxation music with headphones in the dark. Sometimes I fall asleep with the headphones on.

Good Luck!

marja said...

I have bipolar type 1 and, during a time of medication change, my sleep was badly affected. I read Brothers Karamazov (600 pages?) almost all in the middle of the night. At least I didn't waste the time. Thank goodness I don't work so I was able to take naps during the day.

I know, this disease is fun and games.