Monday, October 9, 2006

The Thrill of the Ride

I have mentioned that my bipolar coaster ride has at times been anything but fun. For over a month I may have slept 6 consecutive hours on two or three occasions. I have been experiencing a long period of hypomania. I know that the mind and body need a sustained sleep allowing the REM and dream stages of sleep. Without them, a person may have many problems. I have rarely been on the severest and scariest parts of this freaky carnival ride. Thank, God.

Hopefully, my cat naps will be interrupted by a long long period of sleep. Speaking of cat naps, it is rather funny to look back on my on-the-job training in cat behavior. I never knew that a cat could sleep as deeply and soundly as Fergie when she sleeps next to me in bed. I have had to crawl over her to get out of bed at times because I just couldn’t wake her up very easily – that and I spoil the cats rotten.

Anyway, as I continue on this ride, it is comforting to be surrounded by my pride. I continually tease Billy that I am the head cat and he is somewhere at number 2 or 3 in the pride’s pecking order. He argues that Diana is head cat because she truly has me pussy whipped. She has me wrapped around her flicking little tail as the only cat allowed in the guest room (until last Friday night) and the only cat insisting on sleeping with me as I recover from my spinal surgery.

I am doing rather well right now. I don’t seem to be having all the same drama as many of the good folks in my bipolar planet webring. My long depression and grief has abated for the most part and I look forward to better days.

Who knew? There really can be better living through chemistry.

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