Friday, November 3, 2006


It hasn't been a slow news day. I could have posted at least three interesting items found in my Required Reading:

1. Dick Devos is #2 in television political ads right behind the Florida guy running for governor.

2. Another hypocrite resigns ... how long before he runs to rehab?

3. The Bush Administration, the Congressman, and the "Intelligence" dipshits post atom bomb plans.

The internet is buzzing with all sorts of plots, politicians, punditry, and predictions about the elections on November 7th. WooHoo!

Yep, same crap, different day.

Today......... rapid cycling, again. I went to bed last night at 1 AM and got out of bed around 4 PM.

Triggers. One possible trigger was watching Michael J. Fox being interviewed by Anderson Cooper on CNN. The hope that embryonic stem cells could be coaxed into forming a "new" organ or treatment that matches the DNA of the person being treated is incredible. The "real" scientists interviewed used the liver as an example. All I could think of after that was "if a liver, why not a thyroid gland?"

Bush I and Mr. Barbara Bush would benefit. Their thyroids were purposely killed by the doctors with radiation because they over-produced hormones. My thyroid under-produces and occasional gives my body a spurt of chemicals that screw me up.

And, they talked about Parkinson's. A brain disease where the brain does not produce a needed chemical -- dopamine. Embryonic stem cell research could find a cure......

So, what about brains that also have chemical imbalances that wreck havoc on an enormous number of individuals and their families? Could that research bring about a cure or a treatment for bipolar depression?

F-ing roller coaster....

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