Thursday, November 2, 2006

Bush to Try to Clobber Kleeb

Scott Kleeb is a threat to George Bush’s obsession to maintain power. The key issue for the Republican Party in the 2006 mid-term election is POWER. Never mind the poor; tough shit if you are jobless; screw New Orleans; no insurance – “get a job”; the hell with health care; we can’t afford port and border security; and ignore the disaster in Iraq – the Republican Party and His Imperial Highness must retain the Republican government.

President Bush is so concerned with controlling Congress that he must visit the Nebraska’s 3rd Congressional District to campaign against that upstart up-and-coming Democrat, Scott Kleeb. Republicans have held the disputed seat in Congress for the last 48 years. Mr. Bush will not concede the fact that Scott Kleeb is the more capable and competent candidate. The Republican’s are desperate.

I want Scott Kleeb to win, not just to defeat Bush and his machine politics – but for the sake of Nebraska. They need a rancher that understands their needs – not a politician that just wants to help King George. They need a real voice in Washington.

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