Sunday, November 26, 2006


I have been checking out CNN on a more or less regular basis. I really don't want to spoil any part of my mental and physical health leave of absence by getting too much news. Watching an hour of CNN news assures me that I won't be getting too much news.

What a surprise.

I am truly disappointed with the so-called "news channels". Perhaps disgusted is a better word. Why do they all have to have fluffy, non-nutritious, high fructose corn syrup laden, human interest stories? The news channels need to skip their opinion pieces, as well. Enough!

Please, give me some real news stories. They must report the events and leave their interpretations to the viewer. Please, no more "Point and Counter Point" interviews or "news shows". Leave the pundits and hacks out of the news stories. Question the powerful for information and real news.

Yes, I am a baby-boomer longing for a return to the comfortable past.

As I continue my recuperation in Ajijic, I seem to have adopted some of my brother's eccentric daily schedule. Not to worry. I will see the popular sites and educate myself with outings to the nearby ancient ruins on another visit. And, I could be seduced to return to Mexico with a snow bird lifestyle. The relaxed, no hurry, time piece rejecting, and "Who gives a rat's ass?" day-to-day living is quite attractive.

Above? Your's truly on the rooftop of the Hotel Italia. Note the mountains in the background and a small part of the town.


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Nirmal said...

CNN and the other TV networks have been crap recently. Their goal is to keep people watching to drive up ratings -- that's different than what we want out of them, which is good journalism.