Saturday, November 4, 2006

got lithium?

My mood improved tonight. I watched my favorite sci fi shows and Bill Mayer. And, I sat down to do one last look through my Required Reading, Michigan Blogs, and Bipolar Planet blogs. I then posted a couple of things.

Oh, I left out the bit of baking while watching my shows. I made some honey corn muffins -- comfort food....

Now, I am considering what to do when the curtain comes down on the November 7th mid-term elections. I actually have two weeks of sun, mountains, scorpions, long walks, and small Mexican village life to meditate on my life and my surgically repaired naval.

I have two weeks to visit my older brother, who has threatened to keep me for four weeks. Thank God, he has a computer and an internet account so I will not go cold turkey from this habit/addiction/obsession. I doubt if I go online every day but I know that I have to check at least four of my blogs from time to time. Yeah, Zack, make it five or six.....

I leave on Monday. Billy and I have already voted, so now it is just the wait.

And, all those damn political commercials!!

I swear if I see one more PAID s.ob.'n U.S. Senator, former mayor, or smarmy Michigan "leader" endorse that desperate "Let's Blame Her For the Welfare Moms", pandering, stealthy religious right funding, school voucher promoting, anti-everything, lying freaking Amway jerk, I'll go Bipolar I. (some folks will understand that one.....)

What's next?

Let's speculate. Brain storm.

1. Get more active in the local Democratic Party.

2. Push the insurance parity issue until the jerks in Lansing get off their butts.

3. Thank State Representative John Espinoza (MI-83rd) for being a Parity Co-Sponsor!

4. Push campaign finance reform. Constituent Only Campaign Financing!

5. Bipolar education advocacy.

6. Bipolar Support Group member/leader.

7. Michigan political watchdog! Keep that Legislature working for US.

8. Netroots Activism. Keep the show going....

9. Become Candice Miller's worst nightmare if she is re-elected (somebody has to do it).

10. Continue researching the political hacks' campaign financing and write about it.

11. Blog.

I'm getting tired. I think that is a good thing -- not depression. Back on the bipolar coaster ride tomorrow.

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