Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Why Not Gary Orr?

The local newspaper, The Times Herald, endorsed the incumbent Jud Gilbert (R-Algonac) for the State Senate's 25th District. They claimed that his meager [sic] accomplishments were enough to earn him their endorsement to return to the Do-Nothing Michigan Senate. The Times Herald was critical of Senator Gilbert for his failure to denounce the state Republican Party's radio attack ads against his opponent Gary Orr (D-Marysville).

In my humble opinion, Mr. Gilbert is unable to offer any apologies and unable to stop his Republican cronies from airing those ads. When viewing just the first page of Mr. Gilbert's campaign finance disclosures it is apparent that a great deal of money comes from the senators and representatives that he works, with in the Michigan Legislature. Many other pages of Mr. Gilbert's financial disclosure reveal contributions from the California mail-order pharmacy (MEDCO) that Michigan retired school employees are required to use; several out-of-state business and political action committees; and several Michigan business and political action committees that are outside of the 25th District. I actual gave up on sorting through all of the pages of his disclosure because I had a difficult time finding contributers that actual lived in the Senate's 25th District and because of the stomach-turning realization that even local politicians are bought and paid for by the Republican Party.

We all know about Tom Delay and the other Republican schemes to finance the elections of their loyal supporters...........

The Times Herald did have some positive things to say about Gary Orr:

"Orr is a credible challenger. As mayor, he has helped attract new business to Maryville - the ethanol plant and a Meijer superstore. He also was part of the public-private effort to keep Schefenacker Vision Systems USA Inc. from leaving Marysville and taking about 700 jobs.

To be sure, Orr's campaign is appealing. He vows to strengthen Michigan's economic future by supporting K-16 education and looking to our schools, community colleges and universities to train a work force that would attract high-paying employers.

Perhaps the hard work Orr has devoted to his campaign and his promise to fight outsourcing and speaking for the victims of lost jobs is making state GOP officials nervous. So they've resorted to attack ads."

As I stated in an earlier post, I already voted. My vote was for Gary Orr.

Finally, I know that sometimes I have some pretty unrealistic ideas, but wouldn't it be great to have all state and local political campaigns be financed with "constituent only" contributions? No PACs, no corporations, no soft money ads or influence --- just the money coming from the pockets of the folks these politicians want to SERVE.

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