Sunday, December 10, 2006

Bipolar Planet

Nearly every day I quickly scan over two dozen sites from my friends on Bipolar Planet. Each site is unique and brings a different perspective to the challenges we face living with Bipolar I and Bipolar II. The NetRing members have various experiences to share and many do so without any reservations.

Some Bipolar bloggers post frequently and others do not. Some have taken breaks from blogging and those sites are quickly passed over. I often leave comments on posts that appeal to me personally or seem to prompt me to give encouragement. The "Reverend Harris" has been known to leave comments. He has expressed his faith in Christ and the belief that God loves all of His children unconditionally.

I often catch myself wondering how anyone manages the extremes of both Bipolar I and Bipolar II. Needless to say -- we all find ourselves challenged by "triggers" that sometimes send some of us into deep depression or soaring into extreme mania. We also "patiently" slog along during the methodical tweaking of psychiatric medicines by our "pdocs" (psychiatrists).

I just want my mood to be stabilized so I may live on a continuous horizontal plane. Cycling mood swings between depression and hypomania absolutely suck. As stated in an earlier post, I don't mind the hand tremors if I have a more stable and productive life.......... My psychiatric cocktail seems just fine right now even as the most horrific of my personal triggers arrives........

And, yes, I often report that I am on a bipolar coaster ride ..... now doesn't that sound like fun?


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Bleeding Heart said...

I have watched my Grandmother live and age with a mental disorder and now I am watching my mother in which SHE was never diagnosed, but I know that my mother is bipolar...and I don't like what I have seen through the years!!

It scares me!