Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Fire and Rain

James Taylor's "Fire and Rain" may be a bipolar depression classic. Listen to the song. Does it speak of our bipolarity?

Dedicated to Dobro -- There are many more sunny days ahead.



Anonymous said...

I love this song! Gosh, thanks for the cry. LOL!!!

DREAMWRITER - Coming Out of The Dark and Broken Wings.

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Dobro said...

Thank you for the dedication.I love that song. It is very moving.

Anonymous said...

this song is about a whole lot of things, about losing a friend to death, about an old girlfriend, about a stalled carrier and a bunch of other things but it seems the folklore behind it is much more romantic. He'll never see his dead love seems much more tragically romantic than the other reasons for writing the song.

this song does make ya cry so I have to agree with Dreamwriter. It makes me cry but for good reasons. Its a good memory song for me.
thank you for posting it,