Thursday, December 28, 2006

Lord Licorice Calling

A new blog has been welcomed to the community of Michigan Watchblogs. Candy Land is now among the growing number of watchblogs that have been created to monitor U.S. Representatives in several Congressional Districts. In Candy Land, we plan to continually ask, "Does Candice Miller truly SERVE the people in the 10th Congressional District?" And, "Does she serve the interests of the people of Michigan?"

Candy Land already has 4 posts not yet seen in this blog. I hope to bring my posts from Candy Land to the readers of "With Malice Toward None". As for now, please check out these snippets:

Are You Being Served?

Levin Announces Bid for Re-Election

Ford Praised by Candice Miller, and

Candy Land.


1 comment:

Bleeding Heart said...

OH! Here we are in Candyland World!! LOL!! My imaginary life...Ha ha ha... haven't stopped by at my blog in sometime now...What's the beef???? (Just JOKING with ya!)