Sunday, December 3, 2006

Mostly Good News

15 minutes of "news" was all I could take today. I can't remember what Wolf said before the Senator John Kerry (D-MA) interview. The interview was incredible. Kerry relayed an insightful tangible plan to end our occupation of Iraq. I don't know if he was starting the "talking points" circus for the DEMOCRATIC Party or displaying his statesmanship and thoughtful genuine intelligence. I tend to believe that John Kerry just contrasted his hoped for presidency with the incurious intellectually challenged presidency of King George II.

After the interview, Wolf announced the upcoming segments of his show and I changed the TV channel to MSNBC. I couldn't turn off the TV soon enough. The Blond Talking Head was hosting a show that was then discussing the recent comments of an actor.

Truly awful fluff that would never pass for NEWS was presented to a starved-for-news cable audience. Once again I am forced to ask the question, "Who gives a rat's ass about the comments of that actor?"

That 15 minutes was all that I could deal with today.

Yes, we need real news with real journalists that are constantly challenging power and exposing corruption and greed.



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Unknown said...

I've noticed Wolf has been intensely interviewing people about ending the war: specifically, a timetable. He is really pushing people for that. I'm hoping he is meaning well.