Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Scott Kleeb: Robo Calls Made a Difference

Anyone that has followed this blog since October may remember that I supported a Nebraskan congressional candidate by the name of Scott Kleeb. I was attracted to this candidate because of his intelligence, education, experience at ranching, and, of course, his political affiliation. Mr. Kleeb was leading his Republican opponent in polling just before the November election. President Bush made a special trip to Nebraska to lend his support to incumbent Rep. Adrian Smith (R-NE).

Even though Scott Kleeb received several key endorsements from newspapers and supporters, he lost the election by 20,000 votes.

Now we have a new development concerning that election in the 3rd Congressional District. The TPM Muckraker has a posting about the current controversy.

Money quote:

"The Nebraska Public Service Commission has launched an investigation into one of one of the more egregious examples of attempted voter suppression this year. In the 3rd District there, voters reported receiving repeated (often back-to-back) calls featuring a recorded voice that seemed to belong to Democrat Scott Kleeb. The calls, which went out to an unknown number of Nebraskans, prompted a flood of complaints to Kleeb´s campaign office."


"The NRCC paid a firm called Direct Strategies approximately $3,500 for phone banking in Kleeb´s district just before the election, but neither Direct nor the NRCC has confirmed that they were behind the Kleeb calls. Direct also was paid for calls in Pennsylvania´s 10th District, where there were complaints about repeated calls targetting Democrat Chris Carney, but it wasn´t conclusively established whether the NRCC was responsible for the calls there, either. The Nebraska calls were more misleading than the robo calls the NRCC used in approximately twenty districts across the country."

I trust that Democrat Scott Kleeb is not discouraged about the outcome of this political race. I hope to see him continue to make a difference in Nebraskan politics.


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Bleeding Heart said...

I could see why you are attracted to him!!! Woohooeee!