Saturday, December 23, 2006


Today is the commemoration of the miracle of my little sister's birth. Mom didn't have a difficult pregnancy, my sister wasn't born with any handicaps, and all in all she has become a patient, loving, and compassionate women.

The miracle that I refer to is known by all mothers and fathers -- a new life filled with hope and promise entered this world 44 years ago.

Many years ago, on an episode of The Waltons, there was an exchange between John Boy and his youngest sister. I don't remember the quote exactly as performed. It went something like this:

"John Boy, do flowers talk?"

John Boy replied, "If we learn to listen, we might hear all sorts of miracles."

I truly appreciate that God expresses His love for us in miraculous ways. My wish for us all is that we learn to listen today and forevermore.

Merry Christmas.


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Philip Brubaker said...

Sweet post. I also have a sister that I love dearly.