Tuesday, January 2, 2007

3,000 American Troops

The media and the internets have numerous reports and editorials about the 3,000 American Soldiers, Marines, and Sailors that have been killed in the Iraq War. 3,000 is a horrible number of dead to report on the heels of the reports last week (?) about the number of American deaths equaling and surpassing the number of deaths on 9/11.

Lest we forget, there were other Americans that have died in Bush's Folly. Does anyone know how many American mercenaries, employed by those shameless private military war profiteers, were killed after being sent to work for the U.S. Government, Iraqi officials, and other private companies? Does anyone know how many American truck drivers, cooks, janitors, technicians, and other skilled and non-skilled tradesmen were murdered in Iraq? Those poor souls were also employed by shameless war profiteering companies.

How many journalists and their support staffs were killed? How many Americans employed by Non-Governmental Organizations providing Iraqis with humanitarian assistance were killed?

How many?

How many?

How many?

And how many more, Mr. Bush?

Fuck your legacy. Bring our Americans home!



Jon said...

Along with 3,000 dead, there are 25,000 injured. 25,000 of our kids whose lives will never be the same. It's criminal.

Dobro said...

America!Fuck yeah!Bring everyone home and catapult Bush to Iraq with nothing but his right hand to scratch his butt.
OoooH!Did I get nasty here? Feels good!