Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Blaming the Troops

Michael Ledeen, a National Review Online Contributing Editor, has a "piece" entitled "The Surge and its Critics". Mr. Ledeen's editorial seems to be the first sign that the Conservative Right may be abandoning their mantra that we must "Support the Troops". Ledeen seems to suggest that we have lazy American soldiers not fully supporting the Iraq War effort.

"Note that an increase in embeds doesn’t necessarily require an increase in overall troop strength. We’ve got lots of soldiers sitting on megabases all over Iraq. They should be out and about, some of them embedded, others just moving around, tracking the terrorists, hunting them down. I don’t know how many guys and gals are sitting in air-conditioned quarters and drinking designer coffee, but it’s a substantial number. Enough of that."

You just can't make this shit up. Here's a conservative hack doing some "Monday Morning Quarterbacking" when it is Saturday and 3 years too late.

What a jerk!

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Unknown said...

Wow - that was said by a conservative? That our troops are LAZY? Regardless of what I think of the war, I do pray for them and their safety, and I'm actually offended someone would call American soldiers "lazy".

Why doesn't he take his lard butt to Iraq and fight the good fight himself, then? I bet he's kicked back with "designer coffee" in nice, cool D.C. He should take a good, long look in the mirror.

You're right. What a JERK!