Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Don't EVEN Ask!

I just have to put my two cents in about the current news that the military may be about to end "Don't Ask Don't Tell".

I grew up in the Vietnam Era. I registered for the draft in 1973 but did not have to worry because the war and the draft soon ended. I do remember the high school conversations about how to avoid the draft. There was crossing the river to Canada; putting peanut butter between your toes and eating it during the induction physical; shooting off a toe or two; and the infamous "Oh, Mary!" ploy. (No one ever imagined the boil on the butt crap, Rush!) We all talked about how to get an "F" designation -- unqualified to serve.

In this era, we have an all volunteer military. I truly appreciate the young men and women that put their lives on the line in service to THEIR country. Now we have an unjust war; a war of retribution; a war to show the world how powerful we are; a war that within days of Bush's 1st Inauguration was being planned; a Fool's Folly; a bogus war to rid us of the bogus weapons of mass destruction; and an all out FIASCO.

We have a military that is stretched beyond our means; a military that is failing in their recruitment goals and that already has extended the age (and lowered the intelligence threshold) for volunteers; a military that uses U.S. Citizenship as a signing bonus; and, now, perhaps will finally get it that homosexuals have always served honorable in the military. A recent survey of military personnel revealed that gays in the military isn't an issue.

Well, is this desperation or a cynical means to obtain more cannon fodder or a true epiphany about equal rights and justice?

My Boomer friends will remember how there was an outcry for fairness about voting and drinking. It was said that if we were old enough to die in Vietnam, than we were old enough to vote. The drinking age in many states was also lowered after 1971 when 18 year olds got the right to vote by a Constitutional Amendment.

Was the vote and the temporary lowering of the drinking age an appeasement or a reward? Did the country actually believe that those acts were fair and just? Were the men being drafted given the vote to placate them?

Perhaps, this is not a good analogy. But, it seems to me that somewhere, some folks may decide that homosexuals should have the privilege to serve and die for their country. After all, it was a HUGE mistake to fire those gay Arabic interpretors and since Don't Ask Don't Tell was instituted MORE men and women have been drummed out of the military than before DADT. And, maybe, just maybe a bone tired soldier fearing a third or forth tour of combat duty may just finally say, "I'm queer!" and gets to go home to his wife and family.

As for me and how I feel -- if gay folks in Virginia can't even have the right to have Powers of Attorney for one another or hospital visitation rights; if this nation won't grant domestic partnership rights giving insurance and pension benefits for one's partner; and, if we tolerate that prejudiced nurse at my local hospital that denied my partner the right to be with me before my hernia surgery, thus causing me more distress and anxiety (She gavs some lame excuse that "because of renovations" there wasn't enough room -- it was total bullshit. A chair was beside my bed and more than enough room behind my curtain! And, everyone else had there spouse with them.) Okay, time to let that go......

I really don't give a rat's ass about gay marriage -- just give us those nifty special rights and benefits that heterosexuals enjoy.

And, as for the right to serve and die in Iraq?


Where are the equal rights? Where is the acceptance? Where is the protection of our basic human rights and human dignity?



Unknown said...

So many good points and not a lot of room to comment! That upset me that your partner wasn't allowed to be with you during your surgery. I wouldn't know what to do without my fiancé, so I feel your desperation. What if that was your brother or your father? Would the rules THEN change? Who carries a "brother card" to prove it, anyway? There should be total social acceptance, and there will be one day, but why it's not TODAY boggles my mind. These people can be so judgmental except when they look at themselves in the mirror. I was dancing in the living room when I found out Santorum lost his seat. Know that I, and many, many, many other people support you and are behind you. Political activists to the max, and those who donate to the appropriate places, like the ACLU! The conservatives can't stand on the one leg they have left forever. Thank you SO MUCH for remembering that this war is all about searching for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, not "liberating the Iraqi people". And you have another good point...if a boy is old enough to kill a man, why is he not old enough to drink a sip of beer? That boggles my mind. Either you're an adult, or you're not. Is that too hard to understand? This country is FULL OF CONTRADICTIONS!!!!

Jon said...

The mindset seems to be changing, but not quickly enough.

I used to attend a christian music festival every summer, it was a wonderful, liberal, accepting, christian environment. They offered a series of lectures and workshops along with the festival, one of them was a writers workshop - I first learned about blogging at that festival. But one of their workshops specialized on the conversion of gays to a straight lifestyle. I just couldn't believe that, in such a seeming open and accepting environment, that they would still cling to the belief that a person not only could, but SHOULD be "converted" to straightness.

Bleeding Heart said...

I cannot believe that the hospital would not aloud your partner to be in the same room with you..that boggles my mind. Sunflower is right when she said who carrys a Brother card! And who are they to JUDGE? I am speechless....

But, is this true?? Gays cannot fight in the war?? IS that true?? I didn't know that..I must be totally out of sync or uneducated with this. That is CRAZY!!!!

Not for nothing...but how would anyone know anyways? I mean it is not like people walk around with signs on their foreheads that say "I AM GAY!" - I don't get it!

This country as good as it is - it can be so warped too!!

Don't get me started...I could debate all day long...

I did go to college for law!!!

Dobro said...

I agree with you on all points.