Monday, January 1, 2007

The Google

Dear 10th Congressional District and Michigan WatchBlog Friends:

As many of you may already know "the Google" may be used to send to your mailboxes "Google Alerts". You may set search parameters to bring you news articles, blogs entries, and other media found on the "internets". I have an alert set for all things "Candice Miller".

Imagine my surprise that on the last day of 2006 a Google Alert sent me to this url --

Thanks to the good folks at the Center for Responsive Government the information, published by, allows us to explore the records kept on our government employees. Yes, Candy -- you are my employee. You work for me!

The page that the Google Alert sent me to was one that I have often visited. It has been recently updated. It is great to know where Candice S. Miller received her campaign funding. Slightly over half (50.5%) of Candice Miller's financing came from PAC contributions. 46.3% of her war chest came from individual contributions and 3.2% came from "other" sources.

I find it most disturbing that of the Miller's funding the "Top Metro Areas" sent $201,494. The disturbing part is that those metro areas are not within the 10th Congressional District. Leading in those contributions were Detroit, then Washington D.C., Lansing, Flint, and Ann Arbor.

Under the Geographical Data section the "Top Zip Codes" sent in $96,794. 57% of the Top Zip Code contributions came from cities and a township located outside of the 10th Congressional District. The largest contribution came from Grosse Pointe ($24,850), then Rochester, Clinton Township, Troy, and Warren.

As noted above, this is public information compiled by our friends at the Center for Responsive Government. The data reported in this post absolutely begs the question, "Who is BUYING Candy?"

Really --- Is Candice Miller working for her constituents or the interests of her campaign contributors?



Verifiable said...

Here's an add-on for you...

On February 13, 2003, Rep. Miller introduced H.R. 831, a bill to pave the way for an Ilitch Family backed Indian Casino in Port Huron. For more than a decade Team Ilitch has been trying to site a casino for the Bay Mills Indian Community in a more urban, heavily trafficked area.

Before 2.13.03 the Ilitch Family and their associates had not backed Miller's Congressional campaigns. After that they dumped $74,000 in her accounts -- $60,000 of that went into CANDICE PAC (her special little leadership committee).

Ironically (or not) the papers establishing CANDICE PAC were filed on 02.13.03 -- the same day H.R. 831 was filed and barely a month after beginning her congressional career.

Go back to with another pair of glasses and look up CANDICE PAC (Conservative American Network Delivering Increased Congressional Excellence). You'll see that the Ilitch Family and their associates contributed more than 80% of the funds raised by CANDICE PAC from individuals and when combined with PACS they contributed almost 50% of all the funds (PAC and nonPAC)raised by CANDICE PAC.

CANDICE PAC was terminated in June 2006 almost 2.5 years after it was established (perhaps an attempt to get ahead of investigations). Almost all of the funds raised by CANDICE PAC during the first year and a half (three reporting periods) came from the Ilitch Family and their associates.

CANDICE PAC's treasurer was Mark Valente III. The Center for Public Integrity identifies Valente as one of the most notorious PAC Treasurer/lobbyists.

and that's ... The Verifiable Truth

Anonymous said...

CANDICE PAC also transferred $10,000 to the Candice Miller congressional campaign committee in February 2006 (two $5k transfers). Can find no record of correction or refund on file with the FEC suggesting so far Candy and Mr. Valente have pulled this one off.

But I am not aware of any rule changes that would allow a transfer like this from Candy's leadership PAC to Candy's campaign committee. Not allowed!

Leadership PACs are not allowed to fund the affiliated member's campaign committee. Candice Miller can't take $10k from CANDICE PAC and transfer it to her own campaign committee. THIS is worthy of pursuing. And appears to be a clear violation of federal election law.

While everyone's been focused on the big dawgs -- Abramoff, DeLay, Santorum, etc. etc. bit-players like Miller and Valente are pulling off copy-cat activity and getting away with it.