Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I do not hate Mitt Romney. I admired his father, former Michigan Governor George Romney. Mitt Romney's church affiliation does concern me somewhat, but, aside from "Jack-Mormons", members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints are honest and decent people. My problem with Mitt is that in some ways he seems to be an opportunist and a creature of the Mormon mindset that he is deserving of public office because that "calling" had been given his father. (Sorry -- but this is hard to explain -- it is rooted in LDS scripture)

My biggest problem with Mitt Romney's presidential bid is the fact that he has been pandering to the Religious Right. He once stated that we should not impose our religious beliefs on other people (in LDS speak that means that you have "free agency" and must work out your own salvation. Of course, those young folks in white shirts, suits, and spiffy name tags are more than willing to help you find that salvation.)

Mitt Romney is flip flopping on all of his earlier declarations about Reproductive Rights, Gay Rights, and liberalism. He even approved of gays in the Boy Scouts of America.

Watch this video and decide for yourself ------

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