Sunday, January 7, 2007

Port Huron Needs Candy

The headline in today's Port Huron Times Herald editorial -- "Feds Must Come to the Aid of Port Huron"

Port Huron is the St. Clair County seat of government. St. Clair County is in the 10th Congressional District which employs Candice Miller (R-Harrison Township). The City of Port Huron needs some federal aid to offset the economic losses that will come as a result of a new inspections plaza being built for the Blue Water Bridges.

From the editorial:

"Casino support would be welcome; help must come first.

Of the many challenges Port Huron faces in 2007, the most daunting clearly is the Blue Water Bridge Plaza expansion. The project, to bring the bridge plaza to ground level and reroute Pine Grove Avenue, is expected to take 131 homes, 36 businesses and about $32 million from the city's tax base.

As bad as that news unquestionably is, it also is worse because the expansion is an admission of poor planning. A second span was added to the bridge in 1999 to accommodate increased traffic. Although trucks comprise a principal component, the plaza wasn't adequately enlarged to handle truck inspections.

Expected to start next year and finish in 2011, the project promises to plague Port Huron for at least that long. For a city struggling with high unemployment and limited opportunities for economic growth, the sacrifices the plaza expansion demands couldn't come at a worse time."

A long awaited casino project to assist city coffers has been stuck in Congress. Now:

"The city finally getting a casino is an intriguing possibility. It still is a long shot. The same forces in Congress that previously opposed the effort aren't likely to change their minds. Although the Democrats' newly-won control could improve Port Huron's chances, it still is very far from being a done deal.

[Port Huron City Manager] Tomion also is pressing for federal aid, and that assistance must come with or without congressional support for a Port Huron casino."

Here we go Mrs. Miller. Your support in Congress for the casino in Port Huron seems adequate, but we now need other aid. Your constituents in St. Clair County need some help!!

What will you do, Candice?



Verifiable said...

Give the girl a break ... She's probably in the process of relocating her office to the attic of one of the House Office Buildings and she's gotta get Marian Ilitch on the phone to find out what Marian wants first!!!

... and based on a story in the New York Times a week or so ago, gettin' Marian Ilitch on the phone is damn near impossible -- especially if it has to do with her casinos.

Verifiable said...
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