Thursday, January 4, 2007

What a Ride!

When folks wax philosophical and use trite phrases like, "Life has it's up and downs...", followed by some words of wisdom -- usually gained from some event that evoked their current blathering of bullshit, -- I go nuts sometimes.

I am equally guilty of the high minded pumped-up claim to wisdom because I have lived 51+ years, was a teacher, blah blah blah, and spread it on thicker....

Life has it's ups and downs. No shit? Some manic-depressive nut case figured that one out? Yes, no shit.

I was on a slightly more than hypomanic ride yesterday -- my writing may have been particular sarcastic and maybe even a little over the top....... Today .... down, down, down. See Lee. See Lee go down. Down. Down. Down.

Just when I think that all is getting right in my world some event -- meaningless or meaningful -- reaches deep into my clouded mind and provokes me to fight or take flight. I've chosen to take flight from some of those triggers and pompous assholes that knowingly or ignorantly make me nucking futs. No brash BPD decision -- but a calculated -- I've always had this plan so take the risk and embrace the challenges, drive for self-defense and survival.

I am moving, not just out of town, but out of Bush's Brave New World. We've been reduced to a Soviet style nation that seems to accept the loss of habeas corpus, privacy (first the phones and now our mail), the "sacrifice" of thousands of American and Iraqi lives, and a dictatorship that was unchecked by both Republicans and Democrats. The Christians and the un-churched have approved of torture, blatant bigotry, and war profiteering. All of this because of 9/11?

And, where, oh where, are the pitchfork patriots? "To zeee lumber yaaad!" Where is the rage and where are the lighted torches? Only in the movies, eh?

Calling the last honest Christians!! Where the yuck are fou??? Are your heads so far up your God forgiven asses that you have lost sight of your calling? Get pissed, people. Throw those merciless predatory money lenders out of ..... whatever. You think you "got yours" so leave the rest behind.... Why don't you folks understand? Left Behind? You joyfully read the fiction books about those left behind, yet have no remorse for your eminent failure to take everyone with you.

No, the above rants are the not the reasons that have convinced me to relocate. Those are just more bullshit words from a wise and self-important rider on the coaster. My ride on this coaster is over and I line up for my new ride in April.

I am going because I choose to go. I am not running away from life. I am running to a new life.

I am in survival mode -- so watch out ... I can go from mild mannered Rev. Harris to crazed and cranky in a New York minute (whatever the hell that is). Faster than a speeding bullet, blah blah blah.

Will I continue to blog? Yes.

Both blogs? Yes.

Where will you be? Listen up --- some undisclosed location.....

Until then, more ups and downs.

Yep, what a ride!


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