Friday, January 12, 2007

Where Are We Going?

Perhaps the most irritating question when traveling is, "Are we there, yet?" At least when that question arises we know where we are going. It seems insane to be traveling and having no idea where you will be the next day. Today, does anyone really know where President George Bush is taking us?

Oh, yes, His Imperial Highness wants us to succeed in his Iraq venture. His war profiteering buddies and his good old boys in the oil business want us there long enough to line their pockets with more of our children's and grandchildren's treasure. Who the heck knows what his Saudi hand-holding brethren want from the failed Iraq War?

As for the Republican 2008 Presidential Hopefuls -- it is even more queer that most of the front runners are for escalating the war. Why? Most of the American people at large and over half of conservative Republicans want us out of Iraq ASAP. What do those cuckoo candidates expect to gain from continuing to support the greatest catastrophuck in American history.

Why is John McCain, a once moderate Republican, courting the Religious Right? Why have his moral values been corrupted by the Bush Administration? He was against torture before he was for it. He has sat on his hands while habeas corpus was yanked from our basic principles of law. He twiddles his thumbs while American's have their telephone conversations monitored and their mail opened.

John McCain supports escalating the number of our American soldiers in Bush's War.

Truly, where the hell are we going?

Many of the folks on the internets are beginning to believe that we may be going to war with Iran. The drum beats of a new war have begun. Is anyone listening? Does anyone care?

Hell, yes! I care.

The Madness of King George must be stopped. The Congress must exercise their sacred duty to check this power hungry and reckless Presidency.

Are you really comfortable not knowing where we are being taken? Do you know where the hell we are going?

What will you do?


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