Tuesday, January 16, 2007

You Just Can't Make This Shit Up

I've haven't paid much attention to the news story that "adultery = life in prison" snafu in Michigan Law. Now, that this story has reached across the Atlantic and our British cousins are having a big laugh at our expense, I am going to put in my two cents.

It seems we have an eager-beaver Attorney General and a Court of Appeals that spelled out clearly that should the AG wish to accept their ruling on a sex for drugs case the consequences would be enormous. The "problem" brought fourth in the Court of Appeals ruling is that an archaic Michigan law stating that adultery is a felony must be enforced. Therefore, adulterers could be charged with first degree Criminal Sexual Conduct.

Sounds strange, eh?

The news article is online at the Detroit Free Press'

Some in the blogosphere are wondering if AG Mike Cox will surrender to authorities since he publicly admitted to being an adulterer.

Since I have a warped view about some things I must also ask a question, "In the State of Michigan marriage is defined by law as a union between one man and one woman, is adultery defined in the same manner?" Is adultery defined as being extramarital sex between one man and one woman?

Shouldn't the laws about marriage and adultery be consistent?

Well .... if so, all those married men trolling for "gay" sex, if caught, would only be charged with sodomy and not adultery. OH, wait, the U.S. Supreme Court threw out sodomy laws!!!

So, man on man and woman on woman extramarital affairs are still not subject to criminal prosecution? The law has to be fair and equal, right?

I've told you that my "logical" mind is warped .......



Bleeding Heart said...

I had to laugh...only because..although I am not gay...I always thought the same thing! What if a woman cheated on her spouse with another woman and vice versa...

Come on...we all know that after many years of marriage...many women and men admit that they are happens all the time.

What about Transgenders? The samething...

I don't know....Cheating is cheating matter who you do it with..:)

Ol' Lady said...

Some things in life are right and some things are just wrong!

Extra marital affairs...wrong, extra marital affairs with same sex...way fuckin wrong!!!

Trans??? whatever the fuck they call themselves (we call them freaks here)...well that is way beyond wrong!!