Friday, February 9, 2007

Babylon 5

I have just concluded a self-indulgent Babylon 5 marathon. I have watched the first 4 seasons of the show and have decided to skip the 5th and final season. Needless to say, I have been a couch potato for many days and evenings. I am done and am ready to get back to "normal" -- whatever the hell that is...

I am a science fiction fanatic. When the VHS video tapes became available I joined a video club and purchased the entire series one month at a time. I had planned to watch them after I retired. I retired nearly 4 years ago so I decided to watch them before they were sent off to a good home in my effort to make a clean sweep of my condo.

I am not sure if I should chalk this one up to hypomania or depression. I did begin the marathon after writing another freaking letter to the condo association inquiring why they have continued violating Michigan law and our condo constitution and bylaws. They have not sent me the documents that I requested in October.

I simply do not understand how the "alleged" Board of Directors continues to be irresponsible, ignorant, and idiotic.

Yes, maybe I have been depressed. I want to take them to small claims to recoup my condo fees for last year. And, I don't. I want to contact the county prosecuting attorney. And, I don't. I will contact my mortgage company and detail all of the Michigan laws and condo rules that have been violated. Maybe they will sue the Association or at least give them one helluva wake-up call.

I just don't want to deal with this shit...

Remember, folks, don't ever consider buying a condominium!!!



Ol' Lady said...

It's about fuckin time that you got off of your ass and posted! :)
Happy to see you back...missed you

Bleeding Heart said...

Ditto to what Ol Lady said as she says it so well :) LOL!!!!!

Yup, rules and regulations whether people follow is annoying that is for sure...

Why have bylaws if ya ain't gonna follow them!?!