Thursday, February 22, 2007

R Minus 37

As I fight a cold and a wee bit of bronchitis my mind is in overdrive. I have all the mental energy and none of the physical. At times in the past week I believe my Bipolar II hypomania was inching towards a new level and I didn't like that ... I have a million ideas and plans for each of them. Some stay mere seconds and others stick around for at most 30 seconds. The ideas are so distracting that it is difficult to concentrate on any one thing long enough to...

Last night, I stopped at the top of the stairs, sat down, and played with our Diana. I couldn't tell you how long I sat there but, when I moved on I realized that my mind storm had stood still and every thought had been about the cat. I could quiet my mind with such a simple act. Yet,I still sit here alone, not wanting to go out, not wanting to answer the door, and not able to stop the freaking storm.

Sitting here now is just another attempt to concentrate on SOMETHING ELSE. It seems to be working... The ideas about what should be or should not be in this post are gaining strength......

Damn, now it's gone.


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